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Wrapmaster Dispenser - Black

Wrapmaster Home Dispenser Black

Item #: 86394

Universal kitchen wrap dispenser that cuts with a single press for hassle-free dispensing of any kitchen wrap.


·         Dispenser does not include food wrap.

·         Suitable for the dispensing of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax and baking paper

·         Comes with adaptors that fit most 12in wide national and store brand food wraps with a   cardboard or plastic core up to 250 feet in length

·         No more fighting to find the end of the roll or tangled and wasted wrap

·         Concealed stainless steel blade for safe and efficient cutting

·         Easy to use and holds wrap ready for next use

·         Lightweight, portable and fits most kitchen drawers

·         Easy to clean with sanitizer spray

·         Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and disinfection

·         Comes with rubber feet for stability and to hold the dispenser in place


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